Monday, August 28, 2006

NXT Education Set Received in Canada

YEAH!!! After a cross border foul up I finally received the Education NXT set.

I am supposedly getting my NXT-ed from the 2nd ship load to Spectrum of Canada. However an additional battery pack is still on Back Order.

This kit is going to be my travel NXT for showing off to others - It looks to be lots of fun (but I miss the Hassen Pins... PLEASE offer these bulk!)

It’s great with a roomy storage container (the pieces all fit with room to spare) and of course the rechargeable battery (which is why I am typing while it charges instead of playing).

The software (separate) is 2 discs and comes with a user guide (more on that later).

The Legacy cables were a pleasant surprise because I got 9 instead of the usual 3. (Shh! Don’t tell Lego!) So I have enough for all my sensor ports...

I also got a legacy temperature sensor. I can now imagine building a robot with a ring of RIS Touch Sensors and a temperature (or light) sensor in the middle. The cool part is that instead of making an elaborate touching bumper, I can just put more of my oh so common RIS sensors around the bot. Use those to have the robot know when it crashes. But even cooler, if I hook up RIS sensors, I can use a programming trick that says if you get a value that is MAXed out, then the sensor should be a touch sensor. If you get a value greater than 0 but not maximum then it is the other sensor. 2 sensor types in one slot, and multiple touch sensors as well. OK, so this is an old trick, but we have new users - so spread the old wisdom... It’s education after all.

Now I am off to go create a deluxe remote control and car set up. I'm hoping it'll be a smart car that won’t let me hit walls (without trying) and will allow me to either pick up a ball or shoot something - not quite sure which. I am also hoping to include a 9v motor set up with an on off servo switch for added power. I just hope the pulsing at low speeds is not too bad.



At August 30, 2006 3:40 AM , Anonymous Hunter said...

Did you order LEGO charger separately?
or do you have any way to charge the battery?
Thank you for your reply.

At August 30, 2006 3:48 AM , Blogger Drew Stevenson said...

NO I did not...
The battery and the charger are included with the NXT education set.

I doubt that my 2nd Back Ordered Battery will have one, but I'll let you know if it does.

I remember reading that before these came out that the old lego train adapter that worked with the RIS should also work. I can NOT confirm that at this time (must find my old one first).

So far I find myself liking the general pieces in the regular NXT set but I am loving the extra "goody" pieces (touch sensor and Legacy adapters). Not to mention the BT connection between the two.

I am torn between which to get next, but I think that with the ability to order extra sensors and legacy wires, I will likely get the regular set with piece meal upgrades. Especially tyhe 3rd part sensors.


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