Tuesday, September 05, 2006

bNXT in Chinese

bNXT has started a blog in Chinese. I believe it is the first blog in Chinese dedicated to LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT. Jason Yu will be responsible bringing posts to that blog. You can also reach the blog via the menu above.

I can read English, Dutch and French, but I do not speak or read Chinese myself, so please don't send me emails in Chinese. You can contact Jason at jason@bnxt.com.


At September 22, 2006 8:29 PM , Anonymous Will_george@sbcglobal.net said...

Well, I saw China.. and I had to comment. I have TWO BEAUTIFUL adopted grandbabies from China.. I sometimes feel so bad for the mothers.. BUT, they are VERY WELL cared for. I babysit them! Nobody bothers them! Mother (now) is a Teacher and the Father is a Dr. in Education. Did I spells that right? Anyway, just two trips, about one month each long to China, I LOVED IT AND THE PEOPLE! They were SO nice to this OLD MAN! AND my Daughter. I went as a 'bodyguard' at her request ..LOL.. As if we needed it!
'She has never traveled anywhere before so she payed for my trips.. GREAT!'

My email is will_george@sbcglobal.net (really)

I'll send a Picture of the lovely girls if you want. (Ask at my E_MAil.. I'm old so I may forget where I posted this!)

I will enter User name Will_George and Password Sharon below (My wife's name.. She was my friend but passed on long ago)..

Anyway, thank all the folks in China for our WONDERFULL trips!

I do want to post my gripes about the NXT (I DO NOT HATE LEGO) Line is Busy thing! I have four 'puters' and they ALL do it!

BUT the LEGO-G works fine! Gee.. I have bought three (3) NXT sets and I'm afraid to give them to the kids I got them for. They are SURE to ask me how do I do it MY way and I would have to tell them 'I tried.. AND I failed connecting to bluetooth .. Well, as reliably.) Them folks in Denmark? need to get their act together!! Them sets were not exactall inexpensive!

Bye for now..


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