Sunday, September 03, 2006

New NXT-G Tutorials on bNXT

Last updated on September 4, 2006

I’d like bNXT to be a great place to find information about LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT, for teachers, researchers, other adults and kids alike. I realize that there is no way that I can build all of that information myself.

However, what I can do is to structure information. Whenever I find some really great content, I try to get permission to republish it on bNXT, and put it in a place where you can easily find it (with credits and links to the author). By bringing in the best content from around the world, I hope bNXT can help new users to learn a lot about their new robot set.

Recently, I came across NXT Tutorial was developed by Dale Yocum, Head Robotics Coach at Catlin Gabel School in Portland, Oregon (I believe I got the link from a NXTasy or TheNXTStep post). Watching the video’s teached me one or two things about NXT-G. For instance, I did not know how to make a MyBrick with parameters before I saw Yocum’s tutorial on it. I’ve been using parameterized MyBlocks intensely ever since.

So I’m really happy that Dale gave me permission to republish the tutorials on bNXT. You can find them in the menu above, under “Learn NXT”, and “Tutorials”. Or jump right in with this link.

Thanks Dale! I hope even more people find their way to the tutorials now.

PS. I will also publish translations of these videos, if someone would translate them to his/her own language.

UPDATE on Sept. 4, 2006: Dale tells me a Spanish version is being created, although there is still a lot of work to be done. Stay tuned!


At September 04, 2006 2:29 AM , Blogger Jason said...

I hope someone can write the tutorials about the mechanical engineering and advance programming for the communication between NXT and other bluetooth devices. The programming on NXT itself is not so difficult.

At September 04, 2006 12:36 PM , Anonymous Filip said...

Hi Jason,

Great idea. I'll be happy to republish those too.



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